Stu Larsen Chicago Song ------------------------- Chords (Little finger stays on the 3rd fret on high E during the whole song) Am x02213 C x32013 F.

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Chords G, C, A, Am. View official tab.

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Oct 10, 2012 Eb Now I n C eed you Ab Eb more than C ever.

And Abmaj7 now now that you Gbmaj7 re near promise you D9 r love D7. Ab. Staring blindly into space.


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C Em Everybody needs a little time away F F G Am G I heard her say, from each other C Em Even lovers need a holiday F F G Am G Far away from each other Am F Hold me now Am C It&39;s hard for me to say I&39;m sorry Am F Gsus4 G I just want you to stay C F G After all that we&39;ve been through Em Am I will make it up to you D C F G C I promise to C F.

Chords A, Bm, Fm, E, D, Cm, C, A, Am, B. Difficulty beginner.

Verse 2. .

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Verse EEverybody needs a little time BDaway I heard her Asay AFrom Beach CmotheBother EEven lovers need a holidaBDholiday A Far away Afrom Beach CmotheBother Pre-chorus CmHold me Fmnow Bsus4It's hard for me to say I'mBI'm sorrEsorry CmI just Fmwant you to stayBsus4stay B Chorus EAfter.

Tuning E A D G B E. Giving up I close my eyes. Grab your guitar, ukulele or piano and jam along in no time.

. As time goes Fmaj7 on I reali Am ze Just what you Bb mean to Ebmaj9 me. Chords for Chicago - Hard To Say I'm sorry (Lyrics). . .

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Chords C7, F, A, Am.

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